Inkkas Story

 Sustainable global footwear. Shoes that bring the world together.

Inkkas is currently expanding the brand due to phenomenal global interest. During our expansion we have met many amazing people and today we are excited to bring our products to Ireland; creating

During a 2012 backpacking trip across Latin America, founder Dan Ben-Nun met local artisans making sneakers from authentic textiles. Dan immediately fell in love with the concept of using authentic textiles and working with local artisans. He launched the Inkkas brand to create shoes that bring the world together.  

Don't just buy a product, buy a small piece of a better world!

Fair trade and global philanthropy are the main principles of the Inkkas company. Respecting the environment and the people that create such an amazing product has led us to develop the OneShoeOneTree project. Inkkas plant one tree for every purchase. In partnership with TreesForTheFuture Inkkas are helping reforest the world and provide sustenance for local populations in developing countries.