What Do Your Feet Say About You? Posted on 6 Oct 16:21 , 0 comments

Many of us have heard of Palmistry, having our palms read, giving us insight into what lies ahead in the future. But would you be so keen to whip off your socks and have someone read your feet?

Author of 'Let's Read Our Feet!' and Foot Reader, Jane Sheehan says that Foot reading (or solestry) is analysing the structure and texture of the feet to understand emotions and personality. 

Take a look for yourself and see if any of these ring true for you;


Second toe larger than big toe: strong natural leadership qualities.

Very small little toe: a childlike sense of fun. If it wiggles independently of the others, you're adventurous and hate routine.

Long feet: you want recognition for your good points. If they're extra long, you love the limelight.

Flat feet: very sociable, you feel re-energised when you're around other people. You'd like more support.

Thick nails: someone is trying to interfere or tell you what to do, so you're trying to protect your ideas from them. 

Square toes: you speak bluntly. If you have more than one, you're strong-minded (i.e.: stubborn). Rounder toes are a sign of diplomacy.

Hairy toes: you're sensitive, but you hide this fact with deflection. 

Cracked heels: there are obstacles you feel you have to overcome before you can move forward.

Athletes foot: you're irritated at someone nagging and hindering your progress.

Bunion: you bend over backwards doing far too much for others and not enough for yourself.


So what do you think? Will you be looking to your feet to make sense of your emotions?

Get The Look! - Jogger Flora Posted on 1 Oct 21:35 , 0 comments

Take a look at how we have styled our fantastically colourful Jogger Flora.

These Inkkas have amazing patterns and colours that will liven up any outfit!



Inkkas Ireland Joggers Flora


Check them out in here!

What happens to the shoes we throw away? Posted on 29 Sep 09:33 , 0 comments

Would you believe that it is estimated that over 20 billion pairs of shoes are produced worldwide every year?  We are all guilty of buying shoes, wearing them only once and then banishing them to the back of the wardrobe, never to see the light of day again, until we do a clear out and they end up in the bottom of a black sack!

It is estimated that 300 million pairs of shoes are thrown away each year ending up in landfills.  Experts have not said exactly how long it should typically take a shoe to fully decompose but their best estimate is roughly 50years. That is a very long time! During this time the chemicals that are found within the glues and materials of the shoes are also released into the environment. It’s clear that we need to lessen our carbon footprint.

Inkkas produce sustainable, eco friendly, fair-trade footwear sourcing authentic textiles all without compromising on style or choice. Our sneakers are cut, sewn and stitched by hand and are made with super soft interior linings making them particularly comfortable to wear.

Take a look at some of our collection



Get The Look! - Hightop Desert Nomads Posted on 5 Sep 10:00 , 0 comments

Take a look at how we have styled our Hightop Desert Nomad Inkkas


Inkkas Ireland Desert Nomad Hi tops!


These Hightops are made with authentic Peruvian textiles giving them a unique but trendy look!

They are 100% Vegan and Fair Trade.

Available in men and womens sizes

Get The Look! - Camping Boots Posted on 25 Aug 17:08 , 0 comments

Take a look at how we have styled our Tan Suede Camping Boots

These Boots are so versatile, great with jeans, skirts and they are not just for women, they come in mens sizes too!



Inkkas Ireland Camping Boot

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Are you unsure of how to style your Inkkas? We've matched up our funky and flowery Guatemala Floral Oxford Lowtop Inkkas with a few easy to wear everyday pieces!

Guatemala Floral Oxford Inkkas


This is just one look and one idea, but these Inkkas are so versatile - match them with a skater dress and some chunky jewelry for a different look.  

Let us know how you style your Inkkas! 

Inkkas Ireland Launch Posted on 1 Jul 16:44 , 0 comments

Inkkas Ireland will launch in July 2015 and we look forward to bringing this amazing brand and product to the Irish markets. Our first collection will be the Autumn Winter Collection 2015 / 2016 which is an amazing collection of sustainable global footwear. 


Stay tuned and join us on facebook for great offers and news.