One Shoe One Tree

The Problem

Over the past century there has been a drastic increase in deforestation throughout the world driven by the demand for land and timber. In the last 60 years alone, humans have cut down around half of the world’s remaining forests. As of right now, there are only 8 million square kilometers of forest remaining – less than 6% of the land surface of Earth. 

The Solution

When Inkkas was founded, the company set out to be an organization that was about more than simply making a profit. The company established itself on the principles of fair trade, authenticity and social consciousness. Due to the growing danger of deforestation, the Inkkas company decided to make a difference in the world by creating the OneShoeOneTree project.


What is the OneShoeOneTree™ project

As part of Inkkas OneShoeOneTree™ project, the Inkkas company is helping to repopulate the world's forests by planting a new tree for every pair of shoes that we sell. It is Inkkas hope that this project will assist in the reforestation of the world's depleted forests. The trees do more than just provide depleted forests with additional trees, the trees also provide food and timber to assist local populations nearby.

How does it work?

In partnership with Trees For The Future, an award-winning non-profit organization, Inkkas plants a new tree for every product it sells. Each tree has multiple uses including - reforestation, improving soil condition, providing food for human and livestock consumption and eventually timber as well. Since its founding in 1989, Trees For The The Future has assisted thousands of communities in planting more than one million trees in 19 different countries. Join Inkkas & Trees for the Future, as we strive to create a better world!